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Warehouse Concrete Floor Coating

Upgrade to a durable self-leveling concrete coating system

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The Indianapolis Commercial Warehouse Concrete Flooring Experts

Improve the functionality of your warehouse and protect your flooring with our durable and self leveling polyurea concrete coating system. Our coating technology allows us to create a surface that is 4x stronger than epoxy and can expand and contract with ease in all temperatures.

indianapolis commercial warehouse concrete coating

Won't Chip or Peel

Safely be able to operate fork lifts and any other type of warehouse machinery without the fear of damaging your concrete floors.


Our commercial grade polyurea and our certified installation process guarantees a self-leveling curing process.

Slip Resistant

Enjoy a safer work environment for your products and your employees with a non-slip textures surfaces available.

Industrial Concrete Warehouse Floor Coatings

4x Stronger Than Epoxy Finishes

Invest in floors that will be able to withstand the impact of everyday wear and tear from your warehouse. Our coatings are resistant to chemical spills and abrasions from large and small objects.

One Day Flooring Installation

Maximize up-time with our reliable one day installation process. Get back to work within 24 hours of our coatings completion.

Customizable Colors & Coatings

Extend your company's brand and logo's colors throughout your warehouse's space with our many different colors and styles to choose from.

Extensive Product Warranty

All of our concrete coating systems come with a lifetime guarantee from UV light fading and a 15 year on cracks, peeling, and delamination.

The ACR Advantage

The Top Rated Indianapolis Residential & Commercial Concrete Floor Coating Experts

American Concrete Renovations is a United States veteran owned and operated local business in Indianapolis. We value hard work & integrity and that is the cornerstone of how we operate our business. Our guarantee to our customers is that you'll receive only the highest quality flooring materials, fair pricing, expert certified installation, and guaranteed results.

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