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Our Process

We are proud to be an elite concrete finishing company in Indianapolis. The coatings that we apply are polyurea concrete coatings. What makes polyurea better than epoxy floors is that it is 4x stronger than traditional epoxy solutions. Discover how easy, fast and beautiful our process can be with our video below.

Our Process

Our Coatings


4x Stronger Than Epoxy:

Our coatings are 4x stronger than epoxy due to our polyureas extreme flexibility, elongation, and resistance. Polyureas can take tremendous amounts of abuse due to its incredible flexibility. The physical impact on polyurea works much like rubber: impact is dispersed over a wide area.

Resists Salt, Oil, Gasoline, and UV Rays:

Polyureas are more chemically resistant to a much wider range of chemicals than epoxy surfaces. This is due to their densely cross-linked chemistry. Polyureas are also 100% UV stable guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Will Not Crack or Peel

Polyureas are 98% more flexible than typical epoxy/hybrid floor coatings. Polyureas flexibility is key during the midwest's summer to winter transistion when the concrete floors are drastically changing temperatures. Polyureas expand and contract with the concrete leaving the surface strong and intact.

One Day Installations

Polyureas have 2x the adhesion over your typical epoxy and hybrid coatings. During the curing process, the coating is penetrating deep into the concrete and is making a strong molecular bond. Polyureas begin curing immediately and are fully cured within 24 hours.

Our Coatings

Who We Are

Located in Zionsville, IN and servicing the Greater Indianapolis and surrounding areas, American Concrete Renovations is veteran owned and family operated.

As owner-operators, we do not subcontract our work, we perform all of our installations ourselves. The same people that come to your home to explain the process are the ones that will be completing the actual installation, my son Josh & myself. With our knowledge, experience, and industry certification, we take great pride in ensuring you will be completely satisfied with our high quality, beautiful, and durable floor coating solutions.

We only apply the best polyurea and polyaspartic coatings available in the industry today. All of our floors come with a lifetime warranty that our product will not yellow or fade due to UV rays and will not chip, peel, separate, or delaminate for 15 years after installation.

We look forward to working with you.

Larry Gibson & Josh Gibson

Who Can?...... AmeriCan...... American Concrete Renovations

Who We Are

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